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Our e-commerce management service takes your products worldwide through one of the biggest and most competitive e-commerce markets in the world! We support our clients throughout the whole process.

Sales Cycle Planning with Detailed Analysis​

Our detailed analysis provides a roadmap, allowing you to foresee what you need to do in order to sell your products, and what processes await you.

Infrastructure Outlining and Product Listing

Building an e-commerce infrastructure is time-consuming. We manage the whole cycle, from photo-shooting to preparing your listings and getting them ready for sales.

Day-to-Day Operation Management

Your dedicated account manager will manage the end-to-end sales operations, ensuring that your accounts are well-managed, making steady growth, and can be sold with higher profits through continuous optimisation.

How We Do It


Free Preliminary Analysis

We’ll share our insights into the UK e-commerce market with our free preliminary analysis service. As a result, you will be able to discover the eligibility of your products for the UK market and see which processes you should expect to implement along the way.
Within the scope of our free preliminary analysis, we not only provide you with information about the current situation but also the ideal situation.


Detailed Analysis and Planning of the Sales Cycle

We investigate the compliance of your products, identify the appropriate customer segment, conduct competitor analyses, and determine your strategy on how to get ahead of the competition. The sales process is planned, the strategy is built, cost tables are prepared, the cash flow is formulated, legal requirements and customer complaint points are listed.


Product Listing

Creating e-commerce infrastructures can be time-consuming and expensive if you don't know the market dynamics and the local sales culture. With Pointis, you’ll get a head start for your project. We provide a detailed analysis with the local market dynamics, produce the visuals and texts, create e-commerce accounts and prepare them for sale.


Online Sales Operation Management and Optimisation

We support our customers throughout the whole process and, upon request, manage the end-to-end sales operations. The dedicated account manager will ensure that all steps, from procurement of stock to customer delivery, are carried out correctly. Our sales operation management ensures steady growth and prevents market and customer losses with continuous control against counterfeiting. These processes include account and purchase order management, FBA and inter-stock/inventory management, customer relationship management, marketing, advertising and promotion management, SEO management, fraud management, and sales and account optimization.

Talk to us about your e-commerce challenges and get ready to fuel your next stage.

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